As a company ramps up for its Initial Public Offering, it is an exciting but very stressful time.  This is especially true for the stock department as new Stock Plans are being designed, new vendors are being implemented, and post-IPO procedures need to be rolled out.  MEC has helped many companies through IPOs and we can make sure that all bases are covered during your sprint to IPO and beyond.  ​ We will assist with evaluation of vendors and analysis of your stock plans.  We will help to project plan things from start to finish considering such things as employee communication, key employee training, process documentation, data analysis, and best practices for a publically traded company.

ipo services


The consultants of My Equity Comp have extensive knowledge and experience in stock administration and we can assist you through the implementation process with a new vendor.  Similarly, our staff can work with your company to implement a variety of different products by different vendors.
  • ​​New software
  • ​Brokerage changes
  • ​New products (online grants, ESPP Enrollment, Insider Reporting, etc.)

If your company is looking to change vendors or research your alternatives in the marketplace, you will need to go through a Request For Proposal.  This RFP process can be managed end-to-end by My Equity Comp consultants after we learn your current processes and document your detailed requirements.  Our experience in the industry and knowledge of your different vendor choices will streamline the entire process of questioning vendors, gathering responses, and weighing answers.  Once you choose a new vendor, MEC can also guide you through a successful transition and set you on the path to a smooth implementation.


mailing services

Having a database audit is a very crucial element in making sure that the numbers generated from your software are accurate.  A small problem area can lead to a bigger problem when it's time for quarter or year-end.  My Equity Comp can run an audit of your database to help find any areas that need to be addressed before they grow into larger issues.  Once identified, we can work with you to take the necessary steps in resolving these issues.

Companies often undergo corporate actions resulting in extensive changes to their equity compensation databases.  In the days leading up to a major event, My Equity Comp can help you prepare for the action that is about to occur.  Your employees will need to be informed, your data will need to be carefully updated, and thorough reconciliation will need to occur to meet the terms of your reorganization.
  • ​Stock Splits
  • ​Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Spin-offs
  • Dividends

Many undertakings in the equity compensation industry are complex in nature and include multiple parties, thus increasing difficulty for you company.  My Equity Comp is experienced in managing many different types of projects from start to completion and can be of great assistance when tasks are larger than your company can handle. 

Project Management

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My Equity Comp has become a mass mail expert and specializes in mailing out various types of items. 

Sample Mailings:

  • 6039 (Forms 3921/3922) - typically sent by end of January, but some companies send after each ESPP purchase.
  • Qualifying/Disqualifying Survey Mailings - sent annually to determine deposition status of shares.
  • Confirmation of Purchase - sent after ESPP purchase is processed or at year end.
  • Confirmation of Release - sent after large RSA/RSU lapse or at year end.
  • Grant Agreements - larger package that is put together upon issuance of new grants (options, RSAs, RSUs, etc.)​
  • Tax Summaries or Purchase Tax Summaries - sent after year-end to capture activity throughout whole year.
  • Other- We can help with any mass mailing. Just ask!