​​Recent years have brought many changes to the types of equity compensation granted to employees. My Equity Comp has seen an enormous increase in the use of Restricted Stock, and our consultants can help with the numerous complexities.  Whether it's general guidance, a custom checklist for release day, or an on-site consultant to help with a tax collection plan; MEC is right for you. 

Due to turnover or role repositioning, members of your team may require general industry training or software-specific training.  MEC will learn your processes and provide onsite or web-based training, specific to your company’s needs.  We cater our training to your team-members, their role in the company, past experience, etc.  A well-trained employee pays benefits back to your company multifold: increased efficiency, reduced chance of costly errors, and increased morale.  

Due to the complicated nature of FAS 123R and other tax accounting matters, certain departments of your company may be in need of training.  My Equity Comp can design customized training to meet those specific needs. 
Not only is it important to stay in compliance; but your policies, procedures, and practices dictate efficiencies in your day-to-day world. My Equity Comp can make sure that you are in compliance while also establishing correct policies and procedures to minimize your time and maximize your output. 

Education & Training

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fas 123r & tax Accounting 

With extensive experience in the equity compensation industry, including multiple CEP certifications, My Equity Comp is able to offer suggestions on how best to handle your specific equity compensation and related software needs.

 In the ever-changing landscape of equity compensation, it may prove difficult to keep your staff up-to-date on the many industry concepts as well as the complexities of the software or vendors which are used.  My Equity Comp can furnish hands-on training in many different areas, providing professional and effective results.