When companies have an acquisition or a merger, any equity instruments that are being converted and kept on will need to be merged into the parent company’s equity compensation tracking software.  My Equity Comp has assisted numerous companies with this task.


Database Consulting


Equity compensation is an ever-changing industry where all the related software vendors constantly upgrade their versions to meet the requirements of any new regulations.  It is important that all of your data is accurately upgraded to the new software and that you are in full compliance.  When you decide to upgrade to a new version of software; give My Equity Comp a call and we will help with the end-to-end upgrade process.

Whether for a change of control, a spin-off, or simply for Accounting purposes; your company may need to accelerate the vesting of options/awards.  My Equity Comp can perform the acceleration in your database and complete necessary reconciliation to meet your company's requirements.

Having a database audit is a very crucial element in making sure that the numbers generated from your software are accurate.  A small problem area can lead to a bigger problem when it's time for quarter or year-end.  My Equity Comp can run an audit of your database to help find any areas that need to be addressed before they grow into larger issues.  Once identified, we can work with you to take the necessary steps in resolving these issues.



If you need help with the data in your Equity Edge®, Equity Edge Online®,Certent, Solium Transcentive Express Options, Solium CapMX, or Solium OptionEase databases; My Equity Comp should be at the top of your list for consulting services. Our experienced professionals will perform your required task in a timely manner with professional, courteous, and effective results.   

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​When converting from any equity compensation application to another, there are numerous things  to take into consideration.  Our expert consultants have performed many conversions to and from the  different applications and they are here to help.  My Equity Comp can assist with exports and imports  out of and into the different applications and we can perform the complex reconciliation that is required once  data has been imported into your new system.  Reports will be run before and after the conversion and we will  make sure that you are left with a stable environment to move forward with daily equity compensation activities.